At the beginning of the year I open my notebook and wrote my goals for the year, as a matter of fact for the next three years.  Then I closed up my pad and never looked at them again.  I just found them and discovered I almost made it to year 3 in only one year.

  1. Take classes from favorite established artist.

Charlie Hunter was my choice.  I saw one of his artworks on line and was blown away by his work. Without a thought I found my way to a March class in Vermont (I may have lost my mind yes it was winter).  I stepped out of my comfort zone and into an adventure.

2. Join a new art organization and enter your work.

Back from Charlie and I entered a piece I created up on a mountain top after Charlie let his flock fly.



3.  Enter Plein Air Events – Olmsted Paint Quick


Duluth Plein Air Paint Out –


Work I create should be affordable.  My work should make people think and feel differently. My website should be a a reflection of who I am, who I want to be.