At the Louvre
At the Louvre

I paint the colors of life. The vibrancy of youth, the quiet tones of aging and the rainbows of our daily existence. When I create everything matters and comes into focus and I exist and document the moments.

I travel the path of other artists, learning step-by-step and journeying to places I have never been. In the process I learn and grow as an observer and a historian of the painters world.


  1. Jan Kapoor says:

    Hi Mary– I love seeing your beautiful work!

  2. negronmy says:

    That’s exactly the way I feel about your photo’s. Thanks

  3. Janet says:

    Hi Mary,
    I just some of your amazing art at the Lakewood antique show. I’m very interested in seeing more of your work. Let me know where else I can go to see to your work.

    • negronmy says:

      Hi Janet, thank you for your kind remarks. In our area we are working on getting a more active art venue for artists but for now Lakewood is my/our gallery. I try to bring in new works every month and would love to chat art anytime you are in the area. Hope to see you soon. Thanks again Mary

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