Yale University Art Gallery

While in New Haven, Connecticut I decided to sneak a visit to one of  the Yale university art galleries open to the public (free) and housing some of the finest collection of hidden treasures one could ask for.  What a great way to spend an afternoon.

Claude Monet "Boulevard Heloise"
Claude Monet “Boulevard Heloise”
Edgar Degas "The Ballet Rehearsal"
Edgar Degas “The Ballet Rehearsal”
Vincent Van Gogh "The Night Cafe"
Vincent Van Gogh “The Night Cafe”
Paul Cezanne "The Home of Dr. Gachet"
Paul Cezanne “The Home of Dr. Gachet”
John Singer Sargent "Still Life with Daffodils"
John Singer Sargent “Still Life with Daffodils”
George Innes "Moonrise"
George Innes “Moonrise”
John Singer Sargent "Mrs Frederick Mead"
John Singer Sargent
“Mrs Frederick Mead”
John Singer Sargent
John Singer Sargent


Edward Hopper "Rooms for Tourist" "Rooms by the Sea"
Edward Hopper
“Room by the Sea”
“Rooms for Tourist”

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