How to make my day!

I get an email this morning to attend an opening of an art exhibit at the Limelight gallery in Binders. Guess what I am in the show. Some wonderful collector entered my plein aire painting. I had no idea and I can’t tell you how overwhelmed this makes me feel.
The reception for the special Plein Air et Landscapes Exhibition, sponsored by the Atlanta Artists Center and Binders Art, is this coming Saturday, October 28th, from 12 noon – 2:30pm at
Limelight Gallery
Binders Art
3330 Piedmont Road
Atlanta, GA 30305
Your painting has been loaned to the exhibition by you or by the collector who currently owns your painting. This one-of-a-kind special exhibition consists of award-winning paintings by local artists (you) hung along side paintings by internationally known artists on special loan to the exhibition. This exhibition is designed a part of the AAC mission to educate the community regarding fine art. The show has been open for a week and is receiving rave reviews from visitors.
The reception is being held on Saturday, October 28th, in conjunction with Binders Annual art materials expo known as Artfolio. Artfolio is an art fair for art materials with demos by manufacturers reps and artists with giveaways throughout the day. Many attendees of the art fair will be visiting the exhibition and reception to see your work!
We hope that each of you will attend your special reception to meet collectors, discuss your work with others, and enjoy the excitement of the Artfolio art fair. Invite as many guests as you wish to see your work hung beside the internationally known artists.
Can’t wait to see you on Saturday, noon to 2:30, for all the festivities! And it would be great if you could bring an hors d’oeuvres dish along to supplement other provided snacks!
Please kindly RSVP to me by replying to this email, if you would.
Thanks for painting such great plein air and landscapes for all of Atlanta to enjoy.
See you on Saturday!

Painting Large

Artists in our hometown were asked to do some paintings to fill up the bare walls in the new downtown courthouse.  They had to be large and represent some of the old/historic homes in the area.

This is an old house sits at the top of Mountainside Rd.  The view of mountains must have been spectacular. 48 by 36

Vann’s Tavern was built in 1805. 24 by 36

Here we go again. Strada Easel Challenge – Paint 30 paintings in 30 days.

Day 27 Oil on Canvas – Plein air – Hay Bail on Hurt Bridge

Day 27 Oil on Canvas – Plein air – rocks in backyard

Day 26 Oil on Canvas – Plein air – Plein air in Cherry Log, GA w/friends

Day 25 Oil on Canvas – Plein Air – Mount McBryer rd off of Wallace Tatum

Day 24 Oil on canvas – Plein Air – My Backyard

23 Oil on canvas – Plein Air – Anderson’s Farm

Day 22 Oil on canvas – Plein air Harley’s barn

Day 21 Oil on canvas – Still Life

Day 20 Oil on canvas –  Plein air House near Earlan

Day 19 Oil on canvas –  Plein air Lake Lanier

Day 18 Oil on canvas –  Plein air Harley’s farm


Day 17 Oil on canvas –  Plein air next door

Day 16 Oil on canvas –  still life knock out roses

Day 15 Oil on canvas –  plein air Corner Holbrook Burnt Bridge study

Day 14 Oil on canvas – plein air Street scene in my neighborhood

Day 13 Oil on canvas – Still life


Day 12 oil on canvas – plein air Blue Ridge Vineyard

Day 11 oil on canvas – plein air Blue Ridge gas tanks

Day 10 oil on canvas – plein air Fishing Blue Ridge Toccoa River – Bob from Minnesota

Day 9 oil on canvas 8×10 plein air Blue Ridge Park Drive

Day 8 oil on canvas 8×10 plein air Downtown Blue Ridge – Motor Market

Day 7 oil on canvas 8×10 – plein air nocturne downtown train station Blue Ridge


Day 6: Plein air Zion Baptist Church arbor


Day 5 Oil on Canvas 9×12 Holbrook Campground

Day 4 -Oil on Canvas 4 x 4 plein air at the stream

Day 3- Oil on Canvas 9×12 – plein air Anderson’s Saw Mill


Day Two – Oil on Canvas 11 x 14 Zion Baptist Church Plein Air

Day one – Oil on Canvas 12 x 24 Still Life.



What a Year

At the beginning of the year I open my notebook and wrote my goals for the year, as a matter of fact for the next three years.  Then I closed up my pad and never looked at them again.  I just found them and discovered I almost made it to year 3 in only one year.

  1. Take classes from favorite established artist.

Charlie Hunter was my choice.  I saw one of his artworks on line and was blown away by his work. Without a thought I found my way to a March class in Vermont (I may have lost my mind yes it was winter).  I stepped out of my comfort zone and into an adventure.

2. Join a new art organization and enter your work.

Back from Charlie and I entered a piece I created up on a mountain top after Charlie let his flock fly.



3.  Enter Plein Air Events – Olmsted Paint Quick


Duluth Plein Air Paint Out –


Work I create should be affordable.  My work should make people think and feel differently. My website should be a a reflection of who I am, who I want to be.



I haven’t posted in some time and so many exciting things happened last year that I thought I would try harder to document what I am up do as an artist in 2017. This was a 31 day challenge to win an easel from Strada Easel. A challenge it was but I have to admit fun. Here are the art works that were completed for the challenge.




Never Leave Life to Chance and Charlie Hunter

Never leave life to chance.  That is how Charlie Hunter popped up as one of my favorite artists on my feed.  I liked, no loved, this guy’s art work and had this emotional connection to his art immediately.  I went to his website and he was offering several workshops and, without thinking of the consequences, I found myself registering for his “Frozen Ass” workshop in Vermont.  Okay, if I had thought this through I might have considered  that in March snow or ice would have many drawbacks. But instead I threw caution to the wind and went.

Charlie has an eye for the things we miss and can compose a piece of wonder on the spot.  He hypnotized the group as we watched his demos, entertains with his quick wit and then sends his flock off to create.  Back a week now from the workshop and it will be at the top of my list forever more as one of the best workshops I have ever taken and hope to do it again.  Suddenly today I am reading Alla Prima II by Richard Schmidt and his piece on composition quoted below:

“Above all, always be on the lookout for paintings with designs you find thrilling.  Try to figure out why you like them.  If you know what it is about a designs that turns you on — exactly what the artist captured which you would like to capture too–then you will have learned something valuable about yourself, and that something can become part of your repertoire too! It is relatively easy to see how a design is produced once you become aware of exactly what the artist sought to achieve.”

Then right below that paragraph is a wonderful piece about Charlie Hunter

“I do not know if I ever said no one is born with a natural sense of design, but if it is with the realm of human evolution, or the whim of the Divine, to allow one individual to possess such a gift, then Charles Hunter is certainly the lucky winner.  Since he began painting and drawing as a new member of the Putney Painters some time ago, Charlie has dazzled, nay shocked and always transports us by his uncanny ability to seize upon the most unnoticeable  of things, and transform them into bewitching jewels.

No Oriental or Occidental master of the pure line can surpass what Charlie, almost matter-of-factly does when he takes pencil in hand.  I include a few samples on the right as design qualities for inspiration”

So I wanted to say thanks to Charlie for making me work so hard at being a better artist. It is work, sweat and tears that turns you into the best, just ask Charles Hunter.

Charlie will be at the Olmsted Plein Air Invitational in Atlanta April 25 – May 1. Do not miss him or his work that will be on display in the collector’s gallery.

ImageImage 1